The New Black History: Interview With Celebrity Stylist Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson Celebrity Stylist

Creating black history is nothing new for Rachel Johnson. She's been blazing trails in the celebrity fashion styling industry for 20 years, and she won't be stopping any time soon. Continue reading

Every Sneaker Michael Jordan Wore On His Birthday

Happy birthday to The GOAT, Michael Jordan. To celebrate, we're taking a look at the iconic Air Jordan models he wore for the NBA games he played on his birthday. Continue reading

The New Black History: Interview With Sneaker Design Consultant Nigel Langley

nigel langley

You might not know his name yet, but you will. Nigel Langley is set for a bright future in the field of sneaker design. Continue reading

Anything But Pink: The Rise of the Women's Air Jordan 1

Women's Air Jordan 1 Group

Women have always wanted to wear the Air Jordan 1…in anything but pink. Continue reading

The New Black History: Interview With Nigel Sylvester

nigel sylvester interview new black hisory

When talking about individuals that are both creating new black history and impacting sneaker culture, few are more worthy of mentioning than Nigel Sylvester. Continue reading

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