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The Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden (PGS)

The Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden, PGS, takes a firm stand for the Palestinian people's struggle for national independence and for the establishment of a Palestinian state. PGS regards this struggle as inalienable to the achievement of peace in the Middle East. PGS strives for the achievement of peace and the termination of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

  • PGS supports a democratic development in the West Bank and Gaza through humanitarian projects, Swedish-Palestinian exchange projects and through collaboration with popular movements that promote such a development.  
  • PGS supports the Palestinian refugees and their right to return and compensation according to UN Resolution 194.
  • PGS strives to end Israel’s structural discrimination of Palestinians living inside Israel and the achievement of their full civil and democratic rights.
  • PGS strives to spread information within Swedish society about Palestine and its people, history, culture and traditions.
  • PGS takes a stand only on issues concerning the Middle East conflict and the rights of the Palestinian people. PGS opposes all racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia in whatever form it may take.

PGS in the Middle East
PGS supports a number of projects in Palestine and the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. Among the projects are:

  • Rehabilitation for disabled people in Beddawi, north Lebanon.
  • Primary health care and education offered by School Health Services in the West Bank and Gaza in collaboration with the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (PMRS).
  • Mental health services in Gaza through the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP).
  • Recreational activities for children and youth through the Abu Dis Youth Club.
  • Library and computer services in the New Askar Camp, Nablus.
  • Library and day-care services for children and youth in Abu Dis.
  • The projects are financed primarily by donations and by funds from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

PGS in Sweden
PGS has around 1000 members and 16 active local groups throughout Sweden. PGS is the only nationwide organisation in Sweden that works solely on the Palestinian issue. The organization carries out a wide range of information and advocacy activities, focused on the general public as well as the media and decision-makers.

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